Everything you need to know about fresh produce

Growers face unique concerns regarding food safety

Healthier lifestyle choices has led to an increase in the demand for fresh produce, with a particular focus on consuming organic and untreated food. The seasonal nature of many fruits and vegetables put even more pressure on growers to succeed with their harvest, and they are even more vulnerable to a loss of sales if something does go wrong.

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Ask the expert

Hear from Matt Hagan, Executive General Adjuster at Johnstone Partners LLC, as he answers the latest on top risks associated with fresh produce.

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Padron pepper predicament

A family-run farm suffers financial loss and business interruption after a regulatory advisory warning is released.

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Romaine lettuce sales

In the month following the 2018 outbreak in Yuma Valley, AZ, sales of romaine fell nearly 45% in the US.

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There were 223 food recalls in Canada in 2020, 33 of which were fresh fruit and vegetables.

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The CDC investigated 53 multistate food borne outbreaks in the last three years, 40% of which were E. coli related.

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