Our broker portal is now closed.

Our broker portal was decomissioned on the 14th July 2021. Please see below for alternative ways to conduct business with us.

This is not to be confused with our newer cyber Connect trading platform, which remains open. Please review our FAQ sheet for any questions you might have.

But how do I enquire or bind policies?

You can send your enquiries and renewals straight to the relevant team inbox or your designated underwriter where they'll be dealt with immediately. Please download our team contact sheet.

What about cyber enquires?

For cyber enquiries, you may prefer our new cyber Connect platform. This intuitive trading platform is changing the way that cyber policies are bought and sold.  You can request a login and find out more here.

And the Broker Auction?

This closure also includes the Broker Auction and any points accumulated whilst using the portal.


Check out our FAQ sheet for any other questions. For anything else please don't hesitate to email us at inbox@cfcunderwriting.com